Turning a loudspeaker into a drumhead

See how it works. Using a loudspeaker as input and output device at the same time.

Jour-Fixe at BVFT successful

We presented our ongoing research projects at BVFT (Berufsvereinigung Filmton e.V.) in Berlin. You can find a short report at the BVFT site: and a video on youtube.

MIDI Editor

 For a couple of years innovations in MIDI editing stagnate so my friends and I came up with some new ideas and I began working on a MIDI-Editor. In this very first preview you can see how it could look like. We extract waveshape data for every single MIDI note and colorize each waveshape in relation to its perceived timbre.  The first step was a proof of concept if we can make it to draw tens of hundreds of waveforms on the screen.

Waveforms not Bricks: MIDI editing on acoustic result

This picture shows how a common drumset would be coloured on a piano roll editor

Different colors in waveshape

New Videos

We re-rendered most of the videos. See the latest Version of our VST-Optimizer Project and get an idea how we can improve simple reverberation effects.

Enhanced On-Screen-Faders

A work about controlling on-screen-faders with a mouse.

Latest video about the SonoSketch prototype:


126th AES 2009

Our work pays off: all proposals of our group have been accepted for the 126th AES convention in Munich.

  • Automatic Adjustment of Off-the-Shelf Reverberation Effects
    Our tool provides a method to find the best setting of a common VST reverberation effect plugin to match a IR measurment of an specific place.
    @see more details on Youtube
    Vst Optimizer
  • SonoSketch: Querying Sound Effect Databases through Painting
    Searching for similar sounds is examined for several years. Normally one tries to measure the similariy of two sounds, be it using meta data or content analysis. But a sound designer in his daily work, who is searching for a given sound does not always have the search pattern. We tackle this problem.
  • Generic Sound Effects to Aid in Audio Retrieval
    The tools sounddesigners and foley artists use to mimic other sounds brought us to the set of "atmic sounds", which is a compilation of basic sounds that can be used to synthesize, cluster and categorize sounds.
  • Virtual Faders
    Intelligent analysis of the mouse movement can bring more accthe accuracy and accessibility to virtual faders in audio tools.
Article in Bremen4U

Local press reported about our last trip to the US. Get the article here >>.

SoundTorch - Quick browsing in large audio collections

Our latest project called SoundTorch provides fast browsing in audio effect collections.
See a detailed description at Google TechTalk: “Aurally and Visually Enhanced Audio Search” .